“Your Mothers Are Mine!”

An ode for all the mothers choosing to be possessed by love.

A short film by  Kim Noce

Producer Shaun Clark
Composer  Hutch Demouilpied
Mix Fonic

Produced  by With Teeth at London Short Film Festival,
in association with MewLab
Funded by  Arts Council England

A poetic animated film exploring the idiosyncrasies of the relationship between mothers and their offspring. The film will be a series of metaphorical vignette exploring and investigating the beauty, quirk, and conflict of the connection between mothers and children from birth to death, exploring when, how and if the umbilical cord is ever cut

The only time we truly and physically possess and are possessed by someone, are within those nine months we live within our mother. Enveloping and enveloped. Contained and containing. Owned and loved. Although we are physically separated at birth that bond plays off through out all of our life. We repeat it, deny it, confront it, hide it, ignore it and play it off from the womb to the grave in all our relationships.

I am obsessed with mothers. Mine “left” when I was still young, she did not want be controlled by motherhood, and chose death. Since then I eagerly looked at all my friend’s mothers with their beautiful enveloping love for their children, and I wanted all of them for myself!

The film was hand drawn and animated straight ahead “a la diable” on twenty-five notebooks; “en plain air” on several locations across London and Watford. The project was conceived, created and completed in less than thirty working days.

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